Does WalMart Sells Postal Stamps?

In case if you don’t know whether the Walmart sell postage stamps then the answer is yes. All the Walmart stores sell stamps. And the best part is – If you are living in the US, you will find Walmart stores almost in every state.

So, in this article, we are going to elaborate that you can buy stamps at Walmart, what is the price of stamps in 2018 at Walmart, How to buy stamps at Walmart and more useful information.

Walmart stores are usually open right 24 / 7, so if you need that stamp, Walmart should have the postage stamps of yours need. And if in addition, you need writing paper, an envelope or two and possibly some wrapping paper, here is the place which you could get it.

You can buy stamps from Walmart stores as per your need. Either you need a bundle of a single one, and there is no restriction on the units.

Along with Postal stamps, you can buy the other necessary things like postcards, paper, glue, Utensils, etc.

Does WalMart Sells Postal Stamps?
Where To Buy Stamps Near Me WalMart

What is the Price of Stamps at Walmart?

The price of stamps and Walmart stores vary according to the number and type of stamps.
Ferns 10 Strips of 10 USPS Forever Postage Stamps which may cost up to $70 for ten strips. Whereas,
Penguin Sheet of 20 USPS Additional 1 Oz Postage Stamps cost starts from just $10.

How to Buy Postal Stamps for Walmart Store?

Walmart supercenters are open 24/7. Visit the store, and you will find the stamps right at the cash register.
At the checkout, you can request for the booklet which could cost you around $10. Check the store locator –

Earlier, the postal stamps were kept at the customer service desk. If the clerk does not have the stamp, you could buy it from the Customer Service Center.

Buy Stamps at Walmart ATM Dispensers

Moreover, some Walmart stores have ATM dispensers which provide an excellent quality of postal stamps right away.

There is the huge variety of postal stamps available at Walmart stores. You just need to choose accordingly.

Buy Stamps from

If you don’t want to go Walmart store due to some reasons you can buy stamps online from their online store. Visit the¬†and just for postage stamps and you will get a huge collection of stamps. You can buy a 10 stamps strip, a booklet, or a roll. In fact, you can buy a postcard, utensil, glue and other necessary items needed to send mail.

In case if you can’t find Walmart, Google “Walgreen Store Near Me“. Walgreens also sell postage stamps

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